Achieve a smooth and defined silhouette on your wedding day with foundation garments that accent your best features and support your unique bridal needs. Your perfect appearance on that special day is guaranteed in a classic foundation of gorgeous, well-made shapewear.

Bridal Corset


Perfect for strapless gowns, a bridal corset will create the flawless curves you crave by shaping the torso and boosting the bosoms. The benefits of a bridal corset or bustier may have you taking a second look at your strapless bra. Many brides also opt to wear a corset as the top half of a two-piece wedding dress, adding an extra romantic touch to the bridal look. Strapless and off-the-shoulder style gowns also fit fabulously over bridal corsets..

Bridal Body Shaper


The right body shaper will do wonders for your silhouette. Thin straps, flat seams, and a beautiful pattern is exactly what you want to be looking for in a bridal body shaper. American Shapewear provides various different levels of shaping along with different styles depending on your dress. If you plan to wear knee high stockings under your dress, American Shapewear’s body briefer with garters are exactly what you need. On the other hand, if you desire a smooth and sleek look from your chest down to your thighs, a body briefer is your answer..

Bridal Girdle

As one of the oldest forms of foundation wear, a girdle is another great option for a bride. Along with shaping the waist, hips and tummy, it will help the flow of your wedding dress. The girdle is considered one of the most feminie garments of all. In addition to it’s magical slimming capabilities, it hugs your body in a way that exuberates confidence – who wouldn’t want an extra push of confidence on their wedding day.

Wearing any of these bridal garments can make a huge difference to any woman’s appearance by creating voluptuous curves and beautiful, elegant posture. It is important to try your undergarments on under your wedding dress before the big day. Not only will this give you the chance to see how sexy you feel in the underwear, but it’s also the opportunity to make sure that no straps, edges or lines of your bridal lingerie will show when you are dressed for the occasion.