While bridal shapewear will set the foundation of a beautifully fitted dress, it’s important to attend to your wellness so that that you feel energized and healthy. Many brides will flock to the latest juice cleanse for a quick detoxification; however, a more natural and healthier approach is advised to rid your body of harmful toxins. Follow these guidelines below and you will be glowing with confidence on your big day.

1. Hydrate

Drink 8 cups or more of water a day up to two weeks before your big day. This will flush out toxins and in return leave you with glowing skin for all those picture perfect moments. Add lemon juice, cucumbers, and herbs for additional benefits.

2. Eat like a caveman

Consume brightly colored fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains high in fiber and lean proteins. Keep the sugary, artificial and processed foods to a minimum. Be sure to load up on spinach, kale and blueberries, as they are some of the popular superfoods this year.

3. Snack wisely

There will be plenty of snacking and celebrating in the near future, so take this time to become conscious of your snacking habits. Ask yourself “am I really hungry” and “ is this snack beneficial to my body?” If you are a food grazier/habitual snacker keep nuts and fresh vegetables washed, cut and readily available.

4. Work up a sweat

Commit to an exercise routine that involves both strength and cardio. By activating your muscles and working up a sweat, toxins and stress will be released from your body. Not only will this affect you appearence, but your mind as well.

A commitment to a healthy you will have you shining from the inside out on your special day.