Have Fun With Your Food.

If you want to have your wedding be all glitz and glam do so, but also try to have fun. I was at a wedding this weekend, everything was beautiful and black tie. But during their cocktail hour, they had set up two mash potato bars that were a huge hit. It lightens everyone up and you’ll get some great compliments.














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Wedding Budget Guide.

Image via theeverylastdetail.com

If you’re going to be having a wedding in the near future, the smart move would be to figure out a budget. And this is no small task believe me. So my suggestion to you would be take a very deep breath, and then take a look at this guide by Every Last Detail.

Now every wedding is different so don’t be thrown off if your budget doesn’t quite fit into what’s shown to you. This is merely a guide to help give you an idea or a suggestion of how much you could spend on certain aspects of your wedding.










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Wedding Entrance.

Image via stylemepretty.com

Now I know that this particular entrance way has more of a fall feel to it due to it’s date. But it can easily be altered to fit any season just by changing up the flower arrangements. This is a perfect idea especially for a spring wedding since we associate spring with  gardens and flowers.


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Spring Wedding Barn Inspiration.

The great thing about holding a wedding reception in a barn is the fact that you’re a barn. These old beautiful structures have such incredible character that you barely have to do anything to them.

However one question I’ve been asked is what do you do to the ceiling. My answer is usually along the lines of what is represented in this photo. A simple run of fabric that matches your table cloth works really well.


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