Fondant Wedding Cakes.

Photography: Meg Hamilton/Rodeo & Co. Via Martha Stewart Weddings

You may be asking yourself what a fondant wedding cake is. Fondant refers to the the icing, it creates a smooth shiny finish that can be sculpted. Fondant also helps keep the cake fresh and is able to stand up in weather.


Over the years it has grown in popularity, if you’re in the stages of choosing a wedding cake, I recommend taking a look at fondant and all the applications of it.


Martha Stewart has a very impressive lineup of fondant cakes that you can browse, by clicking here.

Helping Out Your Bridal Party.

20140115_120559_Richtone(HDR) copyThe idea is simple and it will make things run so much smoother if you do it, give each person in your bridal party a notebook. In the notebook have all your important dates written down, like the bridal shower, the rehearsal dinner. Also add when they should order their dresses. Doing this will give clear communication between you and your bridal party.

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