Transitional Wedding Bouquets.

image via the Natural Wedding Company.

It can be tricky when you’re wedding is falling between seasons. However it’s not impossible, with a bit of creativity you can make it work.

Take this bouquet for instance. It’s perfect a wedding that falls late winter/early spring by adding elements from both seasons.  This can be done for any two seasons.



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Lighting With Style.

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Probably one of the most important feature to focus on in any wedding decoration is the lighting. Lighting adds or takes away from the effect you are trying to go for. Take for instance this photo, there’s a lot of things going on if you really look at it. However you’re not being overwhelmed by them. The reason, the lighting is set to add intimacy which dulls and fades. Also the hanging candles adds a great romantic touch to the room.

You can see more examples by visiting Everything Fab

Engagement Party Etiquette.

flower_blkTraditionally, the bride’s parents host the first engagement party traditionally. However, if the bride’s family was not able to do it, the duties would fall to the groom’s parents. Today, those rules don’t really apply, as any friend of the couple can offer to host the event, especially if the couple’s family lives far away. Just make sure you’re not stepping on any toes by playing host.

As for tips on a more formal etiquette, Martha Stewart is  a good place look.

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