Wedding Budget Guide.

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If you’re going to be having a wedding in the near future, the smart move would be to figure out a budget. And this is no small task believe me. So my suggestion to you would be take a very deep breath, and then take a look at this guide by Every Last Detail.

Now every wedding is different so don’t be thrown off if your budget doesn’t quite fit into what’s shown to you. This is merely a guide to help give you an idea or a suggestion of how much you could spend on certain aspects of your wedding.










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Wedding Processions

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It may not be a thought that crosses your mind right off the bat but processional order is something you should think about. Especially if you’re wedding isn’t from the 1950’s. Times have changed and with it so has the makeup of families and those who are getting married. The Groom’s best man could very well be a female and vice versa. Does that change the order of procession? Is the bride’s father deceased, does she walk down the aisle alone or can someone go with her?

These are just some of the types of questions that can come up during the final days before your wedding. So if you don’t want to get blindsided by these, visit Martha Stewart. 

Transitional Wedding Bouquets.

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It can be tricky when you’re wedding is falling between seasons. However it’s not impossible, with a bit of creativity you can make it work.

Take this bouquet for instance. It’s perfect a wedding that falls late winter/early spring by adding elements from both seasons.  This can be done for any two seasons.



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